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What makes a photoshoot Call Sheet successful?


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Using a Call Sheet for a photoshoot is the absolute key to success – because it tells everyone involved the essential who, when and where of a photoshoot. But there’s one surefire way to tell the difference between pros and amateurs, and that’s what the photography Call Sheet looks like. We don’t mean visually, in terms of colors and branding (although that can help too); we mean the elements of the Call Sheet that elevate it from inexperienced chaos to professional photoshoot wizard.

Here are some easy ways to make sure your photography Call Sheet will set you up for success. Sure, you can do it alone following these steps. Or, let Visie makes it super easy for you. The more successful a Call Sheet is, the less repetitive questions for the producer. So, imagine being able to direct everyone involved to one, visually simple, digital place to answer all the questions they have. That’s where Visie can make all the difference for you.

 Here goes:

Start with a template

At Visie, we have easy to use Call Sheet templates that you can populate with your own information, so you can rest assured absolutely nothing will be missed.

Populate the key details

When you start entering all your information into the Call Sheet template, it’s important to start with the basics. The key, overarching details that everyone can see and understand at a quick glance. So, you’ll want to add:

Shoot name

The client?

The creative agency?

The production company?

Call time

Wrap time

Date of the shoot

This is also where you can add everyone’s contact details and their roles. Our Visie Call Sheet templates allow you to easily assemble contacts and sort them into categories.

Where is the photoshoot happening?

You’re going to want to add as much detail as possible in this section, and Visie will help make it even more professional by syncing the location to Google maps to make it super easy for everyone to be sure they’re heading to the right place. Add the location of the shoot itself, any extra logistical details, information about parking, which entrance, etc. You can read more about the essential elements of photoshoot Call Sheets here.

Who are you working with?

One of the most important elements of the Call Sheet is the ‘who’ – this details everyone involved in the shoot, from the client you’re working for, to the crew you’re working with, and of course the talent in front of the camera.

Create a detailed schedule and timeline

When creating your schedule and timeline of the photoshoot, add as much detail as possible. Photo and video shoots have complex variables that affect the schedule. Our hot tip for any Call Sheet creator: when you’re creating the detailed schedule, factor in any small variables. If you’re moving shoot locations, how long will it take to walk to the other end of the beach? Have you factored in breaks and meals?

Coffee orders, images and more!

In the words of everyone organized ever, there is no such thing as too many notes. In Visie Call Sheet templates, there’s plenty of space to add extra tips, practical information, specs for social media, and there’s even a live weather forecast embedded once you’ve added the location. The absolute best(tried, tested, tick of approval!) feature of Visie, according to creative producers, is the ability to add in the individual coffee orders and dietary preferences of every single person involved in the shoot. Imagine handing a soy milk latte directly into the hands of the client, without having to first ask what they’d like to order.

And remember, when using Visie’s notes section, you’re communicating with creative and visual thinkers, so the more imagery you can add, the more likely they are to digest all the information.

Share the photoshoot CallSheet with your team (digitally)

Okay, this is actually Visie's best feature: You can share the Call Sheet with your team through the power of text message. Everyone at the shoot is on their phones anyway, right? May as well give them something useful to look at! Share the Call Sheet directly and digitally with the click of a button. We all know there can be be unexpected changes or updates and the beauty of Visie is that all changes are communicated immediately via text message. Digital Call Sheets – an absolute game changer!

Want access to photography Call Sheet templates?

For easy Call Sheet templates using our Call Sheet software, sign up for a free trial today. Or visit to book a demo.

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