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5 Photoshoot Softwares you should be using


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We all know that technology can make things quicker, easier, smarter and (sometimes)cheaper – but finding the right software is always the biggest challenge. Time is money, after all, so we’ve deep dived into the best photoshoot software out there to bring you this list of our five favorite photoshoot software you should be using to make you and your team’s life easier (and claim back that valuable time for Creative Development).

Create a mood board with Milanote

Milanote has been called ‘the Evernote for creatives’ (Evernote being the most popular note-taking app used across the globe) and it’s an easy-to-use tool designed to help you organize your ideas and visualize creative projects. Think of Milanote as your one-stop-shop for everything creative that’s associated with your project, so you can organize it visually and get ready for the photoshoot to be smooth sailing. With a drag-and-drop interface, it lets you arrange things in away that make sense, from writing notes and to-do lists to uploading images and files, adding notes from your phone, and collaborating with your team. Like Pinterest but even better, creative directors love using Milanote to organize their ideas and create mood boards.

Use a photoshoot Call Sheet template with Visie

Here at Visie, we’re all about helping you win back time for more creative work. So yes, maybe we’re a tad biased to include ourselves on this list of our favorite photoshoot software, but using digital photography Call Sheets has made our lives so much easier – and we want that for you too. Using Call Sheet software means you can shape and control the who, what, where, and when of photoshoots, digitally. For easy Call Sheets, creative producers can build and share the big picture across a diverse team, updating details in real time so everyone can see what’s happening. No more long email chains and crumpled physical photoshoot Call Sheets riddled with handwritten changes. It’s time to go digital with Visie.

Shoot with Capture One

We love Capture One and it is the industry standard for digital capture, editing and exporting files. Capture One offers multi-device workflow for photoshoots, meaning you can collaborate faster and across multiple platforms, skipping those time-consuming emails and the expensive need for reshoots. Instead, you can quickly share shots from the photoshoot with an entire team, or just specific people, without having to stop what you’re doing and sit behind a desk to make the transfer. You don’t have to be in the same location, or even country, as your team, and still have a smooth photoshoot that ticks all the boxes and hits all those creative targets.

Make your selects with Narrative

Image culling is time consuming. It can be so overwhelming to go from thousands of shots to a handful of the best. That’s where Narrative comes in – a smart software for professional photographers that offers image culling that’s powered by smart tech. Think: eye and focus assessments so you can quickly identify who’s out of focus or has their eyes closed in a photo, close-up panels to make sure you can see everyone’s faces clearly without having to zoom in and out, and, the best feature, Narrative identifies the worst of your images, meaning 20-30% are hidden from view and you can save valuable time editing.

Manage your files with Global Edit

Global Edit is an app proudly built by creatives, for creatives, and it’s used by millions of people across sectors like retail, media and agencies. It’s like a creative workflow software helping you manage the entire ecosystem of a project. You can review and rate media assets, annotate and mark up photos for quick and intuitive feedback, collaborate and track activity in real time with your team. Save time and money in production and approvals by implementing a software like Global Edit to bring together talent, publicists, marketing, advertising, legal, and anyone else involved, letting everyone approve and give feedback on photoshoot images using a simple digital interface.

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