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What is a Photography Call Sheet?


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You’ve heard about photography Call Sheets. Maybe you’ve even used one – maybe they’ve been crumpled pieces of paper, coffee-stained and hastily grabbed as you rush out the office door to a location that’s been changed five times in the last week. But if you’re wondering what a Call Sheet is, you’re probably wondering why you might need use them, and how to create a great one.

So what is a Call Sheet?

A Call Sheet isa vitally important part of any photoshoot. Photoshoots can be exciting, fun and inspiring – even a little bit magical when everyone finds their groove –but they can also be stressful when things don’t go to plan. Call Sheets are critical in helping everything run smoothly and keeping everyone in the loop.  

Forget long email chains with seventeen people cc’d in – a Call Sheet makes sure that everyone is in the right place at the right time, communicates roles and responsibilities, the shots that need to be achieved, visual references, forecasted weather conditions, and so much more. It’s like the bible of every shoot, your essential lifeline.

So, what’s the essential info a Call Sheet needs? Glad you asked.

Let’s break it down.

·      When

·      Where

·      Who

·      What

·      How

The most popular photoshoot Call Sheet templates follow this simple, clear format so that your cast and crew can easily digest the information in the photography Call Sheet.


When is the photoshoot? What day, or days? What time do you need to be there (Call Time) and what time are you scheduled to end work (Wrap Time)? You won’t get very far without this vital information on the photography Call Sheet. So make sure it’s detailed. Everyone will likely need to arrive at different times – you might not want the client arriving while hair and makeup is still being done, for example, so the Call Sheet could be meticulous and customised to each individual.


Where are you working? Here is where you’d add all the important locations – for the photoshoot itself, and any other logistical locations. Think about specific instructions on how to get there and where to park, where to drop off gear, who to meet at which entrance, and more. You might have back up locations, or move locations partway through the shoot. Make sure you have all the essential information for every location. Plus, something not everyone thinks about that could end up useful (but hopefully not!) – where is the nearest hospital, and what are the emergency numbers you might need if something goes wrong?


Here is where you’ll include (or find) the details on who it is you’re working for, and who you’re working with, on this photoshoot. Include a list of key crew members, their roles at which company, as well as contact details for everybody involved in the shoot. Privacy is important and make sure you aren’t revealing confidential contact details.


What is the purpose of this shoot? What is the creative intention of the shoot? What are the specifications of how the images will be used? Add an overview here to make sure everyone is on the same page, aligned in their vision. Then you can dive in deeper – include a list of individual shots that need to be achieved, any visual references for inspiration, and branding materials that could help guide the shoot. 


Make sure to cover all the policies that guide your shoot. But don’t panic, policy doesn’t have to be a dirty word! This is the section of the photoshoot Call Sheet where you’ll see how the entire shoot relates to policy and procedures. Here’s a list of things you might want to consider:

  • COVID rules
  • social media and privacy rules
  • space or hire agreements and rules
  • parking regulations

Plus anything else relevant to help round-out exactly what is the Photography Shoot and how it’s going to see you through the day without any hiccups.

Creating your own photography Call Sheet template


Now you know exactly ‘What is a Call Sheet?’. So, what’s the best template? You should try Call Sheet software. A super-easy Call Sheet app. Yep, that’s a thing.

Here at Visie, we’ve made organising photo shoots even easier with our app. Creating a Call Sheet is easy and fun, making the process seamless for everyone from producers, agents, content creators and more.

With Visie, you can assemble contacts and sort them into roles, define art direction with reference materials everyone can access instantly, and set multiple positions and locations on Google maps. It’s that simple.

For easy Call Sheet templates and photography Call Sheet creation, sign up for a free trial today

Or visit to book a demo and learn how to create or receive a digital call sheet.

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